Since #DontStreamAndDrive Day 2016 the use of phones for streaming whilst driving has continued to increase across the world. Sadly there have been a number of fatalities. Many drivers are oblivious to the dangers and risks this presents. More worrying are those drivers who recognise the dangers but livestream anyway in the belief they are a good driver.

Driving is a complex operation and needs your full concentration all the time. Drivers need their hands on the wheel and their “eyes and mind” on the road too. The loss of one of these vital components, even for a fraction of time, can be the difference between life and death.

#DontStreamAndDrive Day 2016 reached over 20 million people worldwide. #DontStreamAndDrive Day 2017 plans to build on that success and spread the message further and wider.

Road safety is the responsibility of every road user. Together we can make a difference and reduce the number of unnecessary and totally avoidable deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Please support #DontStreamAndDrive Day on March 2nd.

Current supporters as of 1.3.17


3 Responses to

  1. Andrew Mason says:

    Broadland Police fully support this campaign and encourage the public to get behind it #PC1636


  2. Shomrim NW London says:

    Shomrim NW London @shomrimlomdon fully support this campaign and encourage the public to take note and spread far and wide.


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